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Frequently Asked Questions

 1.What is the MIDC online bill payment system?

  MIDC online bill payment system is a web based bill presentment and payment service. It allows you to pay your   recurring MIDC bills online. By presenting an electronic summary of your bill online and sending you timely e-mail   reminders MIDC online bill payment system manages the entire bill payment process online. Meanwhile you  continue  to receive the physical copy of the bill as you used to before. With value added features like automatic  payments and  online archiving of bills, MIDC online bill payment system truly removes the burden of handling  recurring bill  payments.


 2. How does it work ?

  The MIDC online bill payment system is based on the Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) , a service provided by

  First, your organisation creates and account with MIDC online bill payment system. Your organisation also           provides a mandate from its bank that allows MIDC to debit its account for the purpose of paying MIDC bills.           However, MIDC   can debit the account only on receiving a specific instruction from your organisation to do so.

 Next, you receive a user ID and password that allows you to access your account on the MIDC website  
 ( )

 When you login using this user ID and password, you are able to view the latest MIDC bill on the site. You can
 now choose to pay this bill on the site with a single click.

  Once you give the payment instruction, we will send your instruction to the ECS service provided by RBI. This   will enable your organisation's bank account to be debited for the amount specified by you and the money will   reach us directly. That's all!

  For more details on the ECS process, please click here.


 3. Why should my organisation use this service?

 This service is create specially for MIDC customers. The advantages of using the MIDC online bill payment system  are:

  No New bank account required
  Pay from any of existing bank account (s) - Savings / Current / Cash Credit your organisation uses. You can   use multiple bank accounts to make bill payments.

 You organisation gains convenience and control
  With MIDC online bill payment system, bill payment is as easy as a 'mouse click'.
  Your manpower (peon, clerks or accountants) can be channelised into more productive jobs rather than standing   in long queues to pay the MIDC bill.

  Enjoy flexibility and control
  E-mail reminders will ensure that no bill becomes overdue despite your busy schedule. The auto pay option   described below allows you to make payment without even visiting the website.

  Know status of your bills online & be informed
  The Bill Inbox lets you know instantly when the bill has arrived, how much is due and when it has to be paid. The         Bill Outbox lets you know, which bills are pending and which have been paid.

  Stay organised
  The online archive allows you to generate customised reports for all your bills and payments made over the last   twelve months. The offline archive stores your bill and payment history for upto three years.

 Customer Support
  MIDC is committed to making bill paying easier & Convenient for you and has a dedicated Account Manager at   your service. For any queries related to joining or using this service, you can email us at How can my   organisation register for this service?

  This service is available only to MIDC customers. You would have received a mailer from us containing the   registration form. Please fill out the form and submit it to the nearest MIDC office. Or your could just send us an  email at and we will get back to you shortly.


 4. How can my organisation register for this service?

 This service is available only to MIDC customers. You would have received a mailer from us containing the  registration form. Please fill out the form and submit it to the nearest MIDC office. Or your could just send us an  email at and we will get back to you shortly.


 5. Who is providing this service?

 The MIDC online bill payment service is brought to you by Mahatrashtra Industrial Development Corporation in  collaboration with Billjunction Payments Limited, a network company of ICICI Ventures.


 6. Do we have to open a separate bank account to use this service?

 No, you don't have to open a new bank account with any specific bank to avail of this service. The MIDC online bill  payment system service works with bank accounts in any bank branch in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Pune,  Bangalore, Hyderabad & Chennai which has an MICR code ( The 9 digit number printed at the bottom of the printed  cheques issued by your bank ). Just furnish your existing bank account details in the Application Form, followed by a  signed Mandate Form, and you are on your way to a hassle-free bill payment experience from MIDC online bill  payment system.


 7. What are the features of this service?

 Online access anyday, anytime, anywhere
 There are no holidays at MIDC online bill payment system. The service is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a  week, 365 days a year. If you can get on the internet, you can pay your bills.
 E-mail notification
 MIDC online bill payment system's e-mail notifications will keep you informed at all times. We will send you an e-mail  as soon as a bill arrives, a reminder before your bill become overdue, a reminder to keep your account funded before  a debit, and of course we will confirm all payments made by you.
 Bill payment and tracking
 MIDC online bill payment system's "Bill Inbox" gives a snapshot of your pending bill with all key details on one page.  On the same page MIDC online bill payment system's "Bill Outbox" gives you details of all payments scheduled by  you.
 Manual Pay and Auto Pay
 MIDC online bill payment system provides you the flexibility of 2 payment options - Manual Pay and Auto Pay.

 The Manual Pay facility allows you to authorise each and every individual payment. Every time a bill arrives at MIDC  online bill payment system you would be notified via e-mail, so that you can visit your personal Bill Inbox, and review  the bill and specify the exact amount and date before issuing a payment instruction. We will only pay when you tell  us to do so.

 The Auto Pay facility is a payment option through which you can authorise MIDC online bill payment system to make  payments on your behalf for your bills without requiring your approval each time. With MIDC online bill payment  system you can set up predetermined limits for the Auto Pay facility. Payments will be made automatically as long  as the bill amount is within the limits set by you. However if the bill amount exceeds the predetermined limits, you  will be intimated through an e-mail and payment will only be made after you approve the same.
 Archiving of bills
 MIDC online bill payment archives all your bills for the past twelve months online. Our Archives section  allows you to generate customised reports of all bills and payments made (datewise, billerwise, source of payment  wise) over the last twelve months. In addition we store all bill and payment details offline for upto three years.


8. Which bills can we pay through MIDC online bill payment system?

 You can pay your monthly MIDC water bills through the MIDC online bill payment system.


9. Is it safe to transact through MIDC online bill payment system?

 Complete security of your transactions & information is our foremost consideration.
 MIDC online bill payment system is password protected i.e. the access to the service or to any of your personal or  financial information on the web-site is provided only if a user provides the valid Login Name and Password.

 Further, all Online Information Exchange is Encrypted. Unlike normal Internet communication, information provided to  us at our website is sent in a "secure session" established with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL technology). SSL  technology secretly encodes the information that is sent over the Internet between your computer and our website.  The encryption is done using 128-bit RC4 encryption, the maximum level of encryption possible on Internet.


10. How much does it cost to subscribe to MIDC online bill payment system?

 You do not need to pay anything to subscribe. There is a nominal transaction charge of Rs. 4/- per transaction. You  need to pay only if you make a payment. There is no charge for just viewing the bill online.


11. How is the Transaction charge of Rs 4/ - collected?

 When you make a payment to MIDC through this system, an additional amount of Rs 4/- is automatically added to  the total. So this amount is directly debited from your account along with the bill amount. You do not need to make  this payment separately.


12. What happens if we have a dispute with a bill?

 If you have an issue with a specific charge on a bill, you will need to contact MIDC directly, just as you do today. To  assist you we will provide you with payment and bill details from our archives.


13. How can we get help or have a question answered?

You can also contact us at our registered office at-

          Udyog Sarathi,
          Marol Industrial Area,
          Mahakali Caves Road,
          Andheri (E),
          Mumbai - 93.