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Now you can pay your CPDCL Electricity bills through the Internet !!!

At CPDCL, it's our continuous endeavor to provide you with the best services. In a step in this direction,
we are proud to introduce a convenient, secure and economical way for you to pay your CPDCL
electricity bills. You can now pay these bills through the Internet.

We have tied up with for providing this facility to you. This service will give you the flexibility to pay your bills anytime, from anywhere. You would also get regular E-mail and SMS reminders on the status of your bills.

BillJunction also allows you to pay your other regular utility bills like Telephone, Electricity, Mobile, Insurance, Credit Card and many other bills through the Internet.

Here are some of the interesting features of this service.

  1. Pay your bills through the Internet
  2. Pay bills anytime, from anywhere
  3. Use any of your bank accounts to pay your bills
  4. No Credit / Debit card required
  5. Receive free Email / SMS reminders
  6. View your bills online
  7. Maintain online record of your bill

We are sure that this will save your time and effort of remembering your bill due dates, writing of cheques and going to the drop boxes for payments.

All you need to do is to get registered with and enjoy the convenience of paying your bills sitting at your home.

I am interested in this service. Tell me more…

What is this new bill payment facility all about?

Till today, you were able to pay your CPDCL electricity bill by dropping your cheques into the drop boxes available. But now, we take great pride in introducing a innovative facility which would enable you to pay your CPDCL electricity bill through

How will this facility benefit me?

  • Firstly, now there is no need to remember your bill due dates as billjunction would send you regular
    E-mail and SMS reminders for your bills when they are due and after they are paid. This would help you in keeping a track of your bill due dates.
  • Secondly, you would be able to view your bill on the Internet, pay from any of your existing bank accounts and maintain online record of all your bills on the internet. This would help you reduce your unnecessary trouble of moving around for bill payment and also the trouble of filing of your bills for future references.
  • Thirdly, this facility allows you to pay bills anytime and from anywhere. This means that you can pay bills on any day at anytime and from anywhere in the world. Bill Payment can never get more convenient.
I am already a BillJunction customer. How do I pay my CPDCL electricity bills?

If you are an existing billjunction user, then you would be required to add CPDCL as a biller in your list of billers. This is how you would be able to do that.

  • Addition of CPDCL as a new biller
  1. Login to your Billjunction Account ( using your Login ID and Password.
  2. Click on the "Add Biller / Payee" option and select Hyderabad city .
  3. Select CPDCL Electricity from our list of registered service providers.
  4. Enter your Customer Reference Number and other details to complete the biller addition process

Note: Once you add a Biller, you will receive its electronic bill from the next billing cycle.

Currently, I am not registered with BillJunction. How do I pay my CPDCL electricity bills through the Internet now?

For making your CPDCL electricity bill payments through the internet, you need to register yourself with BillJunction first. You can start paying your CPDCL electricity bills as well as other regular utility bills through BillJunction once your bill payment account is activated.

You can subscribe to any of the following packages to pay your bills through billjunction.

You Can Pay
Approx. Cost per bill
Rs 110
10 bills
1 Year
 Rs 11
Rs 160
20 bills
1 Year
Rs 8
Rs 225
30 bills
1 Year
 Rs 7.5
Rs 360
60 bills
1 Year
 Rs 5.4
Rs 550
200 bills
2 Years
Rs 2.8

One-time Registration Fee 50/-

Note :
A one time registration with BillJunction not only allows you to pay your CPDCL electricity bills, but you can also pay your other regular utility bills like Telephone, Mobile, Insurance, Credit Card and more through the internet.

I am interested in this service. How can I know more about it?

For any further assistance, please call us on our 24 Hr. Customer Service Centre Number 96280-96288 or you can write to us at


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