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"Our services with MTNL Delhi are currently down, request you to arrange for bill payment through alternate mode”."Fresh registrations for Bill Payment Services has been temporarily suspended on Billjunction website due to some technical reasons. However; the existing customers can add or delete billers as per their requirements". “The services of Idea Cellular Ltd, Hyderabad have been disabled on Bill Junction website. Request you to arrange for Bill payment through alternate mode.” Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.“The services of Airtel Mobile & Airtel Landline National have been disabled on Bill Junction website. Request you to arrange for Bill payment through alternate mode.” Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted”.
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 ( formerly known as Billjunction Payments Ltd. ) is India's foremost electronic bill presentment & payment company. offers you online bill payment through its service product Billjunction. BillJunction is dedicated to providing you hassle-free
 bill payment service and is a single point contact for all your
 bill payment needs. BillJunction promises you freedom
 from queues in collection centres, from missing bill due dates
 and lost bills to  keeping record of all your bill payments -
 in short, from general  bill pay drudgery.

 In fact, BillJunction moves bills from your desk to your desktop
 and ensures that you pay your bills in minutes instead of hours. All within a secured environment.

 Have a look at its various features & benefits and you will realize  how convenient it is to pay
 bills through Billjunction.

 You do it once, and we are sure you will never ever get back to  those bill payment counters again.

Pay your Bills the way you want
  BillJunction Service Benefits
BillJunction sends free SMS / Email reminders to inform you about any new bill, reminds you before it becomes overdue, and notifies you once the bill is paid. Moreover, you will continue to receive your physical bill copy from your service provider. These reminders & alerts ensure that no bill becomes overdue inspite of your busy schedule and your don't have
to incur any penalty due to late payment etc.
It allows you to pay your bills anytime, from anywhere - even on a holiday! You don't have to stand in bill payment queues. Nor do you have to go to different collection counters / drop-boxes. It saves you a lot of time and money. Besides, you can pay your bill at any time of the day, even night!

BillJunction gives you an up-to-date summary of all your bills.

It maintains an online record of your bills. You can generate customized reports (date-wise, biller-wise etc.) for all your bills and payments made over last six months. These customized reports can help you analyze your spending patterns.

The offline archiving facility stores your bills and payment history for the last 36 months.

You can pay your bills from any of your existing bank accounts. In fact, you can even use multiple bank accounts to make bill payments.You can even pay your bills in other cities as well. E.g. From Mumbai, you can pay your telephone bill in Delhi.

You don't need a credit / debit card to pay your bills online. So no more concerns about the security of transaction.
You have the flexibility of paying your bills through Manual-Pay or Auto-Pay mode. These options give you the optimal blend of convenience and control.

With Manual-Pay, you give a payment instruction for every bill that you want to pay.
Auto-Pay allows you to authorise BillJunction to make payments for your recurring bills like electricity, telephone … even your insurance premium.

BillJunction also give you the control to set an upper limit for Auto-Pay instructions. If the bill amount exceeds the upper limit set by you, Billjunction will inform you about the same. You can then pay these bills through the Manual-Pay mode.

Every month, you spend your time & money in paying your bills by either visiting the collection centres or by sending someone to pay your bills. Our service makes the entire process easy and convenient by bringing your bills to your desktop.

All your bills can be paid online - saves time, saves money.

BillJunction processes your bill payment instruction through Reserve Bank of India's Electronic Clearing (ECS) service. The entire process is defined and executed by Reserve Bank of India, thereby ensuring utmost security of transaction.

BillJunction is password protected i.e. the access to the service or to any of your personal or financial information on the website is provided only if a user provides the valid Login Name and Password.

Further, all Online Information Exchange is Encrypted. The encryption is done using 128-bit RC4 encryption, the maximum level of encryption possible on Internet.
Billjunction is certified by Verisign Inc., the world's leading Certifying Authority on Internet Security.
You get personalized service whenever you need help. Our dedicated customer support team is at your service at all times, making bill paying easier and convenient for you.
For any queries related to joining or using billjunction service, you can call us at our HELPLINE or email us at

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