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"Our services with MTNL Delhi are currently down, request you to arrange for bill payment through alternate mode”."Fresh registrations for Bill Payment Services has been temporarily suspended on Billjunction website due to some technical reasons. However; the existing customers can add or delete billers as per their requirements". “The services of Idea Cellular Ltd, Hyderabad have been disabled on Bill Junction website. Request you to arrange for Bill payment through alternate mode.” Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.“The services of Airtel Mobile & Airtel Landline National have been disabled on Bill Junction website. Request you to arrange for Bill payment through alternate mode.” Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted”.
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All along the development of our products and services,
our core focus has been to offer a solution that allows you to


  BillJunction Security Policy
Complete security of your transactions and information is the foremost consideration of our service. We have followed the highest global benchmarks for security over the Internet for our customers.
 BillJunction is Password Protected
   The access to the service or to any of your personal or financial information on the
 web-site is provided only through a valid Login Name and Password.
 BillJunction uses Reserve Bank of India's Electronic Clearing Service to process  the transactions. Hence, BillJunction does not access your bank account  directly.
 BillJunction pays only when you instruct us to pay. BillJunction processes only  the  payment instructions given by you.
 Payment can be made only to the Service Providers listed with BillJunction.
 Online Information Exchange is Encrypted
   Unlike normal Internet communication, information provided to us at our website is sent in  a "secure session" established with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL technology). SSL  technology secretly encodes the information that is sent over the Internet between your  computer and our website. The encryption is done using 128-bit RC4 encryption, the  maximum level of encryption  possible on Internet.
 BillJunction doesn't use Cookies to capture your personal information
   Billjunction does not establish web "cookies" to capture your personal information.  Hence no one will be able to access the service without entering the valid Login Name and  Password. The session will automatically time out after 10 minutes of inactivity and you
 will be prompted to login again. However, to offer a better browsing experience, some or  all the pages of Billjunction may establish cookies to capture information on your  browser configuration etc. Billjunction, in the interest of added safety, suggests that  you end your browser session before leaving your computer.
 BillJunction is Verisign Certified
   BillJunction is certified by Verisign Inc, one of the leading  Certifying Authorities for website security, which reinforces our  promise of security.
  BillJunction Privacy Policy
 We at BillJunction acknowledge and accept that the personal details that the customer imparts  to  us are to be kept in strict confidentiality and the information is to be used only in a manner  that would be beneficial to our customers. We consider our relationship with our customers  invaluable and strive to respect and safeguard the customer's right to privacy.
 It is the policy of BillJunction never to sell customer's name, address, or any other  information to third parties for marketing or other purposes without the customer's consent.
 BillJunction will only disclose information to third parties about customer's account or the  transfers or payments the customer makes:
 a) when it is necessary for opening or maintaining  customer's accounts,
 b) if lawfully required or,
 c) if the customer requests or authorizes it.
 BillJunction will never ask for any information about its customers that is not needed for the  customers to enjoy the benefits of BillJunction services. During the sign-up process  BillJunction asks for contact information such as name, address, phone number, email  address and other such information, all of which is collected for the purpose of our service.
 If any customer chooses to cancel membership, BillJunction will remove All data contained  in the customer's account from the system.
 Customer's personal information can be updated at any time through our Personal  Information page, which is available after the customer securely logs in to BillJunction. This  is done by clicking on the Preferences option. This brings up a page where the customer  can update personal information and submit the changes.
 Targeted advertisements may appear on web-site pages as the customer navigates  through BillJunction, but the advertisers themselves will not be given any individual  information about the customers.
 Linked Sites - BillJunction has not reviewed all of the sites linked to Billjunction.  Linkages to or from another site do not indicate any approval or endorsement of any  material contained in a linked site, and BillJunction is not responsible for the contents and  privacy policy of such linked  websites.
 Changes in the Privacy Statement - BillJunction may make changes to its Privacy Policy  at any  time, but it will notify the customers of any substantive or material change (by way  of email) and provide them with the opportunity to opt-out.
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