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"Our services with MTNL Delhi are currently down, request you to arrange for bill payment through alternate mode”."Fresh registrations for Bill Payment Services has been temporarily suspended on Billjunction website due to some technical reasons. However; the existing customers can add or delete billers as per their requirements". “The services of Idea Cellular Ltd, Hyderabad have been disabled on Bill Junction website. Request you to arrange for Bill payment through alternate mode.” Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.“The services of Airtel Mobile & Airtel Landline National have been disabled on Bill Junction website. Request you to arrange for Bill payment through alternate mode.” Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted”.
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 Who is providing this service?
 How does BillJunction work?
 What are the features & benefits of this service?
 Which bills can I pay through this service?
 Is it safe to transact through BillJunction?
 Do I have to pay any service charges to BillJunction?
 Do I need to have Credit /Debit card to pay my bills?
 How do I get started to use this service?
 How do I create the list of bills that I want to pay for?
 If BillJunction presents my bills online, will I still get my physical bills?
Who is providing this service?
  This unique service is brought to you by Billjunction enables you to view, pay and manage your bills the hassle free way. With Billjunction service, visits to collection centres / drop-boxes, long queues would be a thing of the past.
How does Billjunction work?
  Billjunction helps you to view, pay and manage all your bills from the convenience of your desktop or the telephone. Billjunction gives you the flexibility to pay your bills through the Internet ( or through SMS.

Once you registers with Billjunction, you are assigned a User ID & Password to login to

To pay your bills through Internet, you need to log into

- Once you are logged in, you can get to view the bill details.

- To pay the bill, just click on the 'Pay' button.

To pay bills through SMS, you just need to reply to our Bill Payment SMS alert sent to you.

Once the bill payment instruction has been given, Billjunction sends it for processing to Reserve Bank of India. All these bill payment instructions are processed via RBI's Electronic  Clearing Service (ECS). Your bank account is debited for an amount equal to the bill amount that you instruct us to pay. This money is then remitted to your Service Provider for whom the bill was due.

Billjunction keeps you informed about the status of your bills through e-mail / SMS reminders-right from the time when a new bill arrives, to due-date reminders and of course, confirmation of your bills paid.

For more information on this Service, do go through the other links of our FAQ section.
What are the features & benefits of this service?
Online access - any day, anytime, anywhere
  There are no holidays at BillJunction. The service is available to you 24  hours a day, all 365 days a year. All you need is access to the Internet to  pay your bills.
No new bank account
  You can pay your bills through any of your bank accounts. You can makepayments through one or multiple bank accounts. What's more … you don't even need a credit / debit card to use this Service.
E-mail / SMS notification
  BillJunction's email / SMS notifications keep you informed at all times. We will send you an email / SMS alert as soon as a bill arrives, a reminder before your bill become overdue, an alert to keep your bank account funded before a debit, and of course we will confirm all payments made by you.
Bill payment & tracking
  BillJunction's Bill Inbox gives you a summary of your pending bills with all key details. On the same page, the Bill Outbox gives you details of all payments scheduled by you.
Manual pay & Auto pay
  BillJunction provides you the flexibility of 2 payment options -
Manual Pay
With the Manual Pay facility, you authorise each payment. Every time a bill arrives at BillJunction, you would be sent an email, so that you log in and review the bill in the Bill Inbox, and specify the exact amount and date before issuing the payment instruction. We will only pay when you tell us to do so.

Auto pay
With the Auto Pay option, you can authorise BillJunction to make bill payments on your behalf without requiring your approval each time. You can set up an amount limit, up to which we will automatically pay the bill. If bill amount exceeds the set limit, you'll be intimated for an authorisation.
Archiving of bills
  BillJunction archives all your bills online for the last six months. Our Archives section allows you to generate customised reports of all bills and payments made (as per date, biller, and source of payment) over the last six months. In addition we store all bill and payment details offline for up to 36 months.
Customer support
  We are committed to making bill paying easier for you. In case of any queries, you can call us at our HELPLINE or login to BillJunction and send us an email through your secure mail-box provided by us. You can also send us your queries at
Which bills can I pay through this service?
  You can pay most of your recurring bills through us. At present the service is  available in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad,  Chennai and Chandigarh.
Please click on the 'City' below to view the list of bills you can pay through  Billjunction.
Is it safe & secure to transact through Billjunction?
  Complete security of your transactions & information is our foremost consideration.
BillJunction is password protected i.e. the access to the service or to any of your personal or financial information on the web-site is provided only if a user provides the valid Login Name and Password.

Further, all Online Information Exchange is Encrypted. Unlike normal Internet communication, information provided to us at our website is sent in a "secure session" established with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL technology). SSL technology secretly encodes the information that is sent over the Internet between your computer and our website. The encryption is done using 128-bit RC4 encryption, the maximum level of encryption possible on Internet.

For more details on Security, click here
Do I have to pay any service charges to BillJunction?
  Bill Payment service is free.

Do I need to have Credit /Debit card to pay my bills?
  No. To pay your bills through Billjunction, you do not require any Credit / Debit card.
In fact, BillJunction service works with any bank account, provided your bank branch has an MICR code (the 9-digit number printed at the bottom of the cheque issued by your bank). So
you  can use any of your existing bank accounts to pay your bills. Billjunction also gives you the flexibility to use multiple bank accounts to pay your bills.
How do I get started to use this service?
  1. Fill our Online Application Form

2. We will then send you a Welcome Kit containing
    • A Welcome letter
    • Prefilled Application Form
    • Prefilled Bank Mandate Form

3. You just need to sign these forms and attach a cancelled cheque along with these     forms and send them back to us on our mailing address at :-

New Document    Customer Service Department
   2nd Floor, New Building,
   Mehra Estate,
   LBS Marg,
   Vikhroli (West),
4. We will send the Bank Mandate Form signed by you to your bank for signature     verification. After mandate verification and collection of charges (for the bill payment     package selected by you) we will activate your BillJunction account.

    Billjunction will send you an email / SMS once your account has been activated.

5. You then create your personal list of service providers relevant to you, to start     receiving and paying your bills through BillJunction.
How do I create the list of bills that I want to pay for?
  Once you are registered with BillJunction, you will need to create a list of your Billers/ Payees to start making online payments of their bills. You have the flexibility to update this list as frequently as you wish.

To create this list, please follow the process below -

a) Login to using your User ID and Password.
b) Click on the 'Add Biller/Payee' link under the 'Billers/Payee' section
c) Select the city, and click on the Biller/Payee that you wish to add to your list

At this stage, you will be asked to give some details of your Service Provider e.g. For MTNL, you will be asked to give the telephone number and the CA number.

Therefore, it will be a good idea to keep the physical copy of your bills handy with you before you create this list online.  
If Billjunction presents my bills online, will I still get my physical bills?
  Yes, you will continue to receive your physical bills from your Billers/ Payees, even after you register with BillJunction.

All service providers registered with us have been classified as either Billers or Payees. Billers will provide your bill details online and accept payment of your bills through us. Payees accept payment of your bills through us, but do not present your bill details online. Therefore, you will receive online bills for Billers and not for Payees.

  Online Recharge FAQ's

What are the benefits of online recharge to the consumers?
      • Any time recharge (24*7)
    • Recharge while roaming
    • Option of multiple service providers
    • Flexibility of using different banks
What are the pre-requisites for the facility?
      • Customer should be registered with
    • Customer should have prepaid mobile number to be recharged.
What is the eligibility for availing this facility?
      • Customer should have the prepaid mobile services from the list of service providers
       enabled at our end
    • Customer should be registered for internet banking facility with their respective banks
       listed with us
Will I be able to recharge my mobile immediately after registering?
      • Yes, you can recharge your mobile immediately after completion of registration
What if I do not get any confirmation message from the operator?
      • Once the top up is completed, you will receive a confirmation message from the
    • In case of non receipt of confirmation message, please check the talk time balance on
       your mobile phone.
    • If the talk time balance has not been increased, please contact the telecom service
       providers with the details of the mobile number, time and date of recharge, recharge
       amount and the transaction id
When will my request be invalid?
       Your request will be invalid on account of following reasons

    • If you have entered a Post paid mobile number
    • Subscriber id /mobile number which does not pertain to the list of the operators
    • Incorrect top up amount (will vary as per telecom service provider)
How can I claim for the refund incase of an invalid transaction and if the payment is debited from my account?
      • Incase your account has been debited and the recharge has failed the refund will be
      credited to your account within 5 to 7 working days
What would be the possible reason why the customer account was debited and the recharge was declined by the service provider?
      • Network failure during recharge process
    • Transaction is declined due to any technical error by the telecom service provider.
How can I contact Bill Junction?
        Email id:
      Contact No: 022-67247353
      Timing: 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. IST (Monday to Friday)
      9.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. IST (Saturdays)
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